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How to Ease Into Vacation

Most of the time before I leave for vacation, my day goes something like this:  Up at 6:00am to get ready and head to work, fighting traffic in an hour+ commute and trying to get in by 8:00/8:30am.  Spend the day putting out fires and desperately trying to get as much done as I can… Continue reading How to Ease Into Vacation

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Moorea, French Polynesia and the Sofitel Ia Orana Hotel

We left Dallas on Friday evening and headed to LAX to catch our late night Air Tahiti flight to Papeete.  Unfortunately, we flew coach and I have to say that Air Tahiti has probably the narrowest and most uncomfortable coach seats I have experienced in a really long time. The flight from LA is about… Continue reading Moorea, French Polynesia and the Sofitel Ia Orana Hotel

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French Polynesia Itinerary

The last few months have been pretty rough.  My husband and I have both been working our butts off and have been very busy at the office. My husband has been filling in for a coworker on maternity leave in another office and has been making a longer commute than usual.  My commute is always… Continue reading French Polynesia Itinerary

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2017 Travel Plans and Wishlist

2016 has come and gone and I am glad that it’s over.  Not a fantastic year as far as I’m concerned but Stephen and I did have some enjoyable trips this past year.  Over the course of the year, we spent a week in Italy visiting Rome and the Amalfi Coast for a week in… Continue reading 2017 Travel Plans and Wishlist

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Trips Planned for 2017 and Beyond

I tend to plan our trips far in advance.  For one thing, I like to take advantage of early booking fees when I can and I also just like having things done and set.  It’s also nice to know what you have to look forward to for the rest of the year.  We’ve either already… Continue reading Trips Planned for 2017 and Beyond