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Private Island Resorts

Been a little while since I posted but, on a personal note, we had a death in the family last week, which has kept me and my husband occupied.  It was a close relative and someone that died far too young so it’s been particularly difficult. Whenever something tragic like this happens it does remind… Continue reading Private Island Resorts

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Favorite Travel Dining Experiences

Note that this post is not about favorite restaurants or even what I consider the “best” meal or dish that I have ever eaten while traveling.  Some of my favorite and most memorable meals were due to the overall experience, including the view, the food, the people, the location, my travel companion (usually Steve) and… Continue reading Favorite Travel Dining Experiences

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Where’s the Best Beach in the Caribbean?

Ask anyone that has been to multiple islands and you’ll get different answers as it all depends on what your priorities are for a great beach. Is it just about how blue and clear the water is or must it be completely devoid of other people?  Do you require a fun beach bar where you… Continue reading Where’s the Best Beach in the Caribbean?

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Girls Weekend in Washington D.C.

A year ago I spent a weekend in Washington, D.C. with a great friend of mine for a fun (yet educational) girls’ weekend trip.  We flew into D.C. on Friday morning and came back late Sunday afternoon but we were able to pack a lot into such a short time. Strangely enough, I had never… Continue reading Girls Weekend in Washington D.C.

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Austin, TX – Live Music Capital of the World and Home of the UT Longhorns

My husband and I spent a long weekend in Austin to attend the college football season opening game of University of TX v. Notre Dame.  Stephen and I went to UT for college back in the 1990’s, which is where we met, and I also attended UT for law school.  We lived in Austin for about 8… Continue reading Austin, TX – Live Music Capital of the World and Home of the UT Longhorns

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Hotel Selman – Marrakech

After our three days in Essaouria, our same driver was back to pick us up and return us to Marrakech for another 2 nights.  This time we opted to stay outside the Medina at a posh resort hotel.  I was highly tempted to stay at The Four Seasons Marrakech but then I read about The… Continue reading Hotel Selman – Marrakech