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Texas State Fair

Steve and I live about 10 minutes away from the fairgrounds so we make a point of visiting the Texas State Fair every year, which runs for 4 weeks from late September until mid-October.  Yesterday was the last day and we finally made it out there! The Texas State Fair is the biggest State Fair… Continue reading Texas State Fair


Travel that doesn’t interest me but maybe I should reconsider?

Cruises Cruises and cruise ships have never really appealed to me.  The idea of being trapped on a big floating amusement park with theme restaurants, thousands of people and stuck on the cruise ship’s schedule in terms of visiting ports of call and even when we can have dinner, is not at the top of… Continue reading Travel that doesn’t interest me but maybe I should reconsider?


Willamette Valley, Oregon

I’ve been trying to write this post for 2 weeks now but life keeps getting in the way.  The last 2 weeks have been rather trying due to work obligations and let’s just leave it at that.  Moving on to better times and memories, below are some of my recommendations on wineries and restaurants in… Continue reading Willamette Valley, Oregon