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My Favorite Hotels to Date – Luxury to Budget

My dad is an accountant so I grew up constantly being told “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “turn the lights off – we aren’t the electric company around here.”  Needless to say, I grew up with an appreciation for the value of a dollar and when we travel, I tend to book a mix… Continue reading My Favorite Hotels to Date – Luxury to Budget

Marrakech · Morocco

Hotel Selman – Marrakech

After our three days in Essaouria, our same driver was back to pick us up and return us to Marrakech for another 2 nights.  This time we opted to stay outside the Medina at a posh resort hotel.  I was highly tempted to stay at The Four Seasons Marrakech but then I read about The… Continue reading Hotel Selman – Marrakech

Marrakech · Morocco

Colors of Morroco and the Majorelle Gardens

During our stay in Marrakech, we walked outside the Medina to visit the Majorelle Gardens.  The property used to belong to designer Yves St. Laurent who purchased it in 1980 and restored the gardens to their former glory.  He visited the home off and on until his death in 2008 and his ashes were scattered in… Continue reading Colors of Morroco and the Majorelle Gardens


Essaouria, Morocco

We had a private driver take us three hours west to the coastal town of Essaouria (pronounced Eh-swear-uh) for our next three nights.  It is another walled city that sits on the Atlantic and is known as a current filming site for Game of Thrones and is also where they filmed the 1940’s version of… Continue reading Essaouria, Morocco

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Marrakech, Morocco – Riad Kniza and Days 1-3

In 2014 we spent a week in Morocco, visiting Marrakech near the Atlas Mountains and Essaouria on the Atlantic Coast.  I had mixed emotions prior to visiting Morocco as I was nervous about visiting a Muslim country and wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of food and cleanliness.  Would I need to cover my… Continue reading Marrakech, Morocco – Riad Kniza and Days 1-3