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Colors of Morroco and the Majorelle Gardens

During our stay in Marrakech, we walked outside the Medina to visit the Majorelle Gardens.  The property used to belong to designer Yves St. Laurent who purchased it in 1980 and restored the gardens to their former glory.  He visited the home off and on until his death in 2008 and his ashes were scattered in the gardens.


The gardens are incredibly vibrant as the buildings and flower pots are painted in bright, saturated blues and yellows.  This color blue is actually called “Majorelle Blue.”  The gardens are small at only 12 acres but it’s definitely worth a visit.  There is also a small museum on the property about the different Berber tribes and an exhibit of their traditional clothes and jewelry.



The gardens are a nice spot to wander for an hour or so.  This is not a visit that will take all day.  We walked to the gardens from the Medina and it was about a 15 minute walk but you may want to take a cab – crossing streets in Marrakech is like playing dodge ball.






Oh and for the first time, I tried using the app Lightroom to edit a few photos.  The app was actually a lot of fun to use though it doesn’t seem to jive very well with my current computer which is quite old so I ended up having to uninstall it which was annoying.  I may try again this weekend. It was working to edit my images but shut down my access to all pdfs and adobe documents which was a huge problem.  Steve and I are due for a new Mac by Xmas so I may wait until we make that purchase and download the app again and spend more time on the tutorials. I just tooled around with the free trial one evening to see what it was like and I was really impressed by the difference it makes.

Here is the edited photo:


And here is the unedited photo:



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