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Wine Tasting and Touring in Southern Tuscany

I fell off the map for awhile!  Ever since we took this trip to Italy in November, things got crazy busy.  We dealt with the holidays (and a quick Xmas trip back to Dallas to see my parents), then sold our house in Dallas and had to be out of it completely in less than… Continue reading Wine Tasting and Touring in Southern Tuscany

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Trip Plans for 2019….

Steve and I are still pushing forward with our plan to keep doing some big “bucket list” trips while we can.  About 1.5 years ago we decided we should increase our travel budget significantly, at least for a few years, and do some big trips that we kept putting on the back burner due to… Continue reading Trip Plans for 2019….

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Most Romantic Destinations

With a trip to Paris and the French Riviera coming up in less than one month, this linkup topic is very well timed!  I guess I consider every vacation to have some element of romance to it.  My husband and I work a lot so getting to disconnect and spend quality time together without the… Continue reading Most Romantic Destinations

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My Definition of Luxury Travel

I think what people consider “luxury” versus “normal” or even “budget friendly” when it comes to travel is all in the eye of the beholder.  To me, saying that something is a “luxury” item when it comes to travel really means that (i) it’s a bit more money than I would normally spend to eat,… Continue reading My Definition of Luxury Travel

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Possible Two Week Itineraries

In 2018, Steve and I are planning to do something that we haven’t done in over 15 years – take off 2 consecutive weeks for vacation.  Steve and I each get 4 weeks of vacation but we have never taken off more than 7 consecutive work days for vacation since 2001 when I passed the… Continue reading Possible Two Week Itineraries

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Favorite Meals of 2016

Thinking back over 2016, I realized that I had eaten several good meals while traveling (and a few bad ones) and thought I’d share a few of the ones that came to mind. The picture on the heading is actually of the BBQ shrimp entree at Mr. B’s Bistro in New Orleans – we didn’t… Continue reading Favorite Meals of 2016

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Favorite Travel Dining Experiences

Note that this post is not about favorite restaurants or even what I consider the “best” meal or dish that I have ever eaten while traveling.  Some of my favorite and most memorable meals were due to the overall experience, including the view, the food, the people, the location, my travel companion (usually Steve) and… Continue reading Favorite Travel Dining Experiences