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My Two Favorite Travel Items

My all time favorite travel accessory is something I have only had for about a year. It’s my Nalgene Travel Bag for my toiletries and liquids.  Steve bought one for each of us and I love, love, love this sucker.  First, I hate checking bags so for the past several years I have been trying to shove my mini-toiletries into small ziploc bags that are really made for sandwiches and food leftovers.  I have had those ziploc bags break, tear apart, leak hairspray everywhere, refuse to seal shut and I’ve also left them on the bathroom counter and had the hotel maid assume they were trash and throw them away.  Enter this awesome bag that is less than $20.00.

Best travel bag ever!

Because of the flat bottom design, it holds waaaaay more than a stupid ziploc bag, it’s very sturdy and never tears and you can fill it until it’s bulging and still get it to shut because of the strong zipper.  It’s leak proof and if something does bust or leak inside, just rinse it out with warm, soapy water and turn it inside out to dry on the counter for 20 minutes or so (or wipe it down).  Best of all?  It’s TSA approved so no hassles getting it through security.  This is my most prized travel possession.  And this is not a paid ad in any way, obviously, I just really love this bag.

All of this stuff easily fits…
This isn’t even full – I could have put another 3 or 3 items in here

Second is my jewelry organizer.  Granted, I only use it if I am going on an extended trip or someplace where I have lots of dinners and outfits planned, which means I “need” to bring quite a few accessories.  This little box has so many separate pockets and spots so you can keep everything apart and avoid tangling, bending or kinking your favorite or precious items.  It’s a little boxy but I’ve found it fits in my carry-on just fine or you can slip it into your checked luggage.  Of course, never pack anything really valuable, monetary or sentimental, in your checked luggage no matter what!


On my typical beach vacation or short weekend trip, I would not bring this and will do my suggested travel hack below.



Those are my two favorite travel accessories!  Do you have any?

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