My Travel Menu

What a fun link-up.  Having just returned from our big 2017 vacation to French Polynesia, I almost missed this one so I have to put this together rather hastily.

Appetizer Course

My travel appetizer would be California.  It’s only a 3 hour flight from Dallas to Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco and we gain time on the flight there which makes it super easy to go there for a quick weekend getaway.  My favorite spot is definitely the wine country of CA.  We enjoy the Central Coast area outside of Santa Barbara and Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are both gorgeous as well.

Napa Valley
Sonoma Valley

Of course, California is also blessed with year round good weather and lot of sun which is an added bonus.

Central Coast (Santa Ynez Valley)

Main Course

This is a tough one for me but I think I would pick Morocco. We visited Marrakech and Essaouria a few years ago and loved the country.  There is definitely an exotic vibe to Morocco with snake charmers, monkeys, henna tattoos and the call to prayer several times a day.


You can always smell spices in the air and the food was amazing.  It was a great cultural experience for us and was our first time traveling to a Muslim country.  We found everyone to be very friendly and kind.  We would come back here in a heartbeat even though it is somewhat off the beaten path for us.



Dessert has me thinking of someplace that was really sweet and lovely and I immediately thought of our trip to Capri last year.  We spent 3 nights in Positano and 2 nights on Capri and I adored Capri.  The entire island is covered in flowers and there are incredible ocean views everywhere you look.  I know Positano is a photographer’s dream but I loved the peacefulness and slowness of Capri.  It was like a silky smooth custard.



It was hard to pick dessert as I was so tempted to pick St. Lucia or the British Virgin Islands but Capri just stood out in my mind.

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