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Argentina! But not till 2019….

I had really been hoping to visit Asia in Spring 2019 using miles but I just couldn’t get the mileage to work on or about the dates we needed to leave and return. I actually have quite a bit of flexibility in April but was looking to make it a 13-15 day trip and American Airlines had the schedule just so I couldn’t make that happen.  We would have either a 9-10 day trip (too short to justify the 17 hour flight to Hong Kong) or a 23+ day trip which is too much time to take off from work.  However, I ran a few other searches and found I could get a roundtrip business class ticket on a direct flight to/from Dallas and Buenos Aires.  Done!

Image result for buenos aires
Buenos Aires

Visiting Argentina has been on our wish list for a while and is at the very top of that list so I snagged the seat for Steve and bought an extra ticket for myself.  We will be spending 11 days in Argentina next April.  I obviously haven’t figured out the details just yet but I know we will be spending at least 2 nights in Buenos Aires and 3 nights in Mendoza, which is the growing region for Malbec wines. I am set that we will spend that time at Cavas Wine Lodge.

Image result for cavas wine lodge
Cavas Wine Lodge (travelandleisure)
Image result for mendoza
Vineyards in Mendoza

After that, I can’t make up my mind.  I think we are leaning towards heading north to Iguazu Falls and staying at the Awasi Iguazu property there for 3 days.  It looks amazing.

Image result for iguazu falls
Iguazu Falls
Image result for awasi iguazu
Villa at Awasi Iguazu

Another option to heading to the Atacama Desert and staying at the Awasi property there instead.  I do love desert scapes and stargazing so this could also be a great option.

Image result for atacama desert
Atacama Desert


Image result for atacama awasi
Awasi Atacama

I know some people may wonder how can we not visit Torres del Paine and Southern Patagonia?  I would love to but it’s much further to go and very remote and I hate to feel rushed and to overdo it with 5+ hour flights with layovers and 3+ hour drives to get there.  I’d rather relax a little more on vacation.  But it does look incredible.  We will absolutely consider this option if it’s not too much travel to/from Mendoza and then back to Buenos Aires.

Image result for torres del paine
Torres del Paine National Park
Image result for explora hotel patagonia
Explora Hotel – Patagonia – one good option

Where would you go in Argentina?

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