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Staycation at the Four Seasons, Dallas

It is definitely the dog days of summer here in Texas.  Here is a snapshot of our current forecast this week and you can see that we are living on the face of the sun. I HATE Texas in the summer. It’s just too damn hot.


Or to put it another way:


Steve and I don’t have another vacation planned until the very end of August and our last full week trip was in April so we are both feeling a little beaten down by the long, hot summer.  We also had about $500 in gift cards to the Four Seasons that could be used at any hotel so we decided to use them for a weekend “staycation” at the one here in Dallas.  We both took Friday off from work and had a relaxing day, sleeping in, working out, having lunch together and then heading to the Four Seasons, which is located about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas.

We had lunch at Pakpao Thai where I had the best pineapple fried rice served in the hollowed out pineapple half.  Steve and I never get to have lunch together during the week so this was a rare treat
View from our Villa Room overlooking the golf course

Our plans were to enjoy doing nothing and being pampered at the hotel.  We lounged by the pool Friday and Saturday and had mojitos from the pool bar.  We also had a wonderful dinner in their steak restaurant Friday night and enjoyed treatments at the spa on Saturday.  Since we came from our house, we also brought some of our own wine to have, which we enjoyed on our balcony in the evenings.  It was a low key weekend but it was so nice to not think about running errands, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc…

We stayed in a Villa King Room with a view of the golf course.  Up until last year, this is where the Byron Nelson golf tournament was played.  They moved the game to a new course in Dallas last year (which was a big disaster because everyone hates the new course).  It was crazy hot this weekend so it was nice and quiet at the resort though the pool area stayed consistently busy but wasn’t overrun.

Villa King Room – It was nice and spacious though the decor is pretty boring
Large room with balcony – very comfortable bed
Evening view of the golf course

We spent most of our time at the pool where I finished reading a book and we received great service from the pool attendants who come by periodically with frozen treats.  They also keep the pool temperature controlled so it was always cool and refreshing when we went for a dip.  Their pool is large and spread out so it was never too crowded.

Enjoying my book while Steve goes for a swim
Large free form pool with lots of shade
View from shady lounger in the grass area
Looking towards the bar area – lots of trees

We also splurged on a nice steak dinner with wine on Friday night and then went more low key and shared some appetizers and wines by the glass at their more casual bar on Saturday.  Overall, we were very impressed with the quality of the food and service everywhere we went.  The hotel also had some great wines available as the hotel wine manager is one of the few certified master sommeliers in Texas.

Delicious cosmo at the Outlaw Bar
Deviled eggs at dinner in the steak restaurant, Law

Bottom line is that I would definitely come back here for a weekend getaway, especially if they have a special room rate offered.  The hotel’s location is a bit odd so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone coming to Dallas that wants access to restaurants or museums near downtown but if you want a weekend getaway outside the city, on a golf course or need to be closer to Arlington for a sporting event (like a Cowboys or Rangers game), this is a great option. It was a nice little break while we bide our time until our next big vacation (France, here we come in late August!).





5 thoughts on “Staycation at the Four Seasons, Dallas

    1. It’s actually a good 15-30 minutes from downtown Dallas so not the best choice if you are seeing and doing things in the city. It’s a great option for a golf/spa trip or if you don’t need to be near downtown. It’s also closer to most major sports arenas (like the Dallas Cowboys Stadium).


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