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Visiting One of my U.S. Favorite Places

My husband and I are off to spend a 3 day weekend in one of my favorite places, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I have never been during October so I am hoping to catch some fall color from the aspen trees and maybe a little snow in the higher elevations.  I’m just hoping that we didn’t plan too late and miss all the fall color so fingers crossed on that.  Apparently they’ve had a recent cold snap so we probably missed the peak color.

Bedazzled skull in art gallery
Outdoor sculptures on Canyon Road
Who needs a rug? Seret & Sons
St. Francis church

Our plans are low-key as we both need some relaxation time.  We’ll be staying at one of our favorite (and incredibly unique and beautiful) hotels, The Inn of the Five Graces.  We plan to visit the art galleries on Canyon Road, do a little shopping around the historic plaza, make the scenic drive through the mountains to Taos, NM for a day trip and we have a spa visit planned to Ten Thousand Waves for massages and a private hot soak.  Of course, there will also be many green chile dishes consumed and evening fires.

Love the food in Santa Fe
Enjoying my spa day earlier this summer at Ten Thousand Waves
Japanese style hot tubs at Ten Thousand Waves

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of the hotel because it really is one of the most unique and special hotels in the U.S.  All of the bathrooms are covered in hand-tiled mosaics done by a local artist and are decorated with furniture, rugs and textiles imported from Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. I am so ready to relax and get out of the rain (it has been raining nonstop in Dallas for a week with no end in sight….).


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