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Snorkeling in Fiji

This will be more of a photo diary rather than an involved post. I love snorkeling and do it almost every time I visit a tropical island/beach location.  So, I’ve been snorkeling in several places in the Caribbean, Mexico and French Polynesia.  Fiji blew them all away in terms of healthy reefs and abundance of sea life.  We mostly snorkeled the reef that was in front of our beachfront bure and it was amazing!  So many fish!  For this trip, I bought an Aquatech underwater housing for my iphone and it worked great – so easy to use and my phone was perfectly dry and protected the entire time.  I highly recommend. Below are photos from several different days of snorkeling the reef at Matamanoa Island.  It was an incredible reef.

Beautiful coral
So many fish everywhere
Many different kinds of hard and soft corals


View of Matamanoa from the water

Brain corals all over
My husband snorkeling – this was during low tide so you had to weave in between the coral heads.  It was easier at high tide to just float above it all
More fish – Panda butterfly fish
I think these are wrasses – they were almost neon blue


Bright blue starfish!
This is a sea cucumber – kind of a gelatinous sea worm
Steve snorkeling


Steve is done snorkeling for the day!


We also snorkeled at Monuriki island but the coral and reef at Matamanoa was much more impressive.  My only regret on this trip is not taking more snorkeling trips further afield. Maybe some other visit!

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