My Husband Gives Me the Thumbs-Up on Vacation…All. The. Time.

My husband hates it when I take his photo on vacation or when I try to take selfies.  I’ll admit, selfies are pretty silly but occasionally I like to take a few of them.  When I try to snap photos, I usually get a sneer or an annoyed side-eye look from him.  Case in point below:

Annoyed in Morocco
Irritated in Rome
Ticked off in Santa Fe

On the other hand, when he is finally in a good mood, which usually means he’s been on vacation for at least a day or two and has started to relax and/or he’s just consumed a great meal or has a good drink in hand or has seen something or is going somewhere that makes him happy or excited, I get the thumbs up.  That’s it…a thumbs up.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I know that I am not the only woman in the world whose husband does this.

He likes this drink
He likes this sunset cruise
He likes this ferry to Capri
He really likes the Positano (he was actually pretending to be overly happy here when I complained about his scowling in all my pictures)

I rest my case.

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