Amusing Things You See While Traveling

I sometimes snap pictures of things on vacation that have no real significance but they simply amused me for one reason or another.  I was cleaning out old photos on my iphone  recently and came across a few gems that I had forgotten about so thought I would share for a few laughs (even if I’m the only one laughing).

This guy on Bourbon Street in New Orleans had waaaay too much fun the night before. Normally, I wouldn’t poke fun at someone in this situation but the fact that he still had the unlit cigarette in his mouth gave me a chuckle – he was so close.
Animals in costume are always adorable.  From the Barkus Dog Parade during Mardi Gras in New Orleans
My mom – sunning herself on a rock in San Diego.  She’s always down for a funny photo op.
Unusual coffee shop sign in Santa Fe
Stephen mimics the John Wayne wax sculpture in Vegas outside Madame Tussaud’s
Yes, this is Brit Brit in Las Vegas and we had front row seats.  If you’re thinking her hair looks kind of ratty it’s because her weave was literally falling out in chunks as she walked across the stage.  It was hilarious.
I have nothing against Pope John Paul II but this painting we saw in a church in Capri is a pretty bad likeness and I don’t know what the strange man-child angel is about

Just a few oldies but goodies…

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